Private Sessions Gold Coast -Crystal Healing-Reflexology-Feng Shui & "Signature Jewellery"

All my Private Treatments & Feng Shui Consultancies are held during Weekdays

Crystal Healing Sessions

Session last Max 2 Hours – Cost is $90 

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Reflexology Treatment

1 Hour Treatment is $60

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Feng Shui Consultancy

I have been a Feng Shui Consultant for over 30 years Working in the Architectural World, we had many Asian Clients and my Chairman sent me to Kuala Lumpar in the 80’s to learn Feng Shui (long before it became popular). I have worked in Businesses & Private using Feng Shui methods to rid buildings of Negative Energies – to Balance Energies within the work areas- to bring Prosperity to Businesses and Personally to create Balance and eradicate conflict in Relationships between families and Partners and to create an Energy for a positive outcome in selling Real Estate.

*** 3 Hour personal Consultation for your Home Office or Business Office Cost is $400 Please Contact me for an Appointment on 0416006068

A total Consultancy can take 5 days Prices range from $1000
Partial Consultancy is by negotiation.

Interested in my Private Treatments & Feng Shui Consultancies, please contact - Barbie Cawthan

Call 0416 006 068 

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