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Balance your Frequency, Balance your Life

About Barbie

After leaving the Corporate World over 25 years ago Barbie Cawthan has worked in Holistic Healing combining her 30 years of working with many Masters of different Modalities. The common denominator was “Understanding Frequencies –You walk into a room & You feel Uncomfortable, You are feeling the Frequency - Her Motto is “Balance your Frequency Balance your Life”

"Stress will kill us It nearly did me but I sat very still & asked for help and I was told "U know What You Have To Do" and thats when I left all the so called trimmings of life and followed my Inner Belief. What a privildge to have an understanding of Corporate Stress but in changing yr Mindset calling on your own Wisdom with a balanced Mind Body & Spirit everything finds its place !!! As Steven Spielberg says "Be ready to hear the whispers in your ear, your human personal intuition every day of your life, it doesnt shout it whispers and if your heart tickles at the same time then that is what you will do for the rest of your life and we all will benefit from it" Beautiful Isnt it!!!"

Barbie is a Reiki & Seichem Master and as a Crystal Alchemist has combined these Energy modalities to heighten the vibrational energy of the Natural Crystals either in their Raw State or in her Uniquely Designed Sacred Gem Jewellery.

After intricate sourcing for the Crystals & Sacred Beads thru private collections,locally & overseas, she combines them through Energy into her One-off Unique Sacred Gem Jewellery Designs. Wearing her Jewellery will Protect/Re-Energise/Balance.  Imagine a tough day coming up, wear a Fluorite necklace for balance & protection from another's Energy or for Guys a Tiger Eye - Mind/Body is focused and balanced - Outcome perfect for You - Stressless Work/Day Done!!! When you wear Barbie's Sacred Gem Jewellery, you will enjoy the unique beauty but also feel the difference!!

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Being also a Reflexologist & Feng Shui Consultant she has seen how working with the Frequencies brings balance to the Body & Businesses & Homes. Barbie is totally in the understanding, when Energy flows freely Negativity/Stress cannot exist.

Barbie gained her Mastership studying under Dr Usui’s method of Reiki and extended her knowledge over the years combining Buddhist teachings together with other modalities of Energy Healing.

She worked with two Hawaiian Kahunas for over 20 years having the privilege of an ancient Hawaiian Ocean Healing on each of her returns to Hawaii learning more of their ancient healing modalities.” My association with Medicine Men & Woman of the Lakota Sioux American Indians both here & America & my beautiful Australian Aboriginal Crystal Healer Gerry Bostock taught me the true understanding of working with Frequencies thru the Heart.” Barbie says "working with peoples who work with their energy/frequencies every day & listen to the whispers of the wisdom of the Universe is both Humbling & Profound". While on the island of Kauai my meeting on many occasions with Katrina Raphael the Director of the Crystal Academy & Satguru Sivaya Subramunlyaswami was a privilege indeed.

These are some of my Teachers over many years who have taught me
"Balance  your Frequency and you will Balance your Life and Hold onto your Vision" 

My Passion is to show & teach the simplicity yet profound understanding that when our Mind Body & Spirit is Stressless and Balanced - Manifestation of Abundance will happen in all aspects of our lives.

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