1 Day Crystal Healing Workshop

Date: TBA IN 2021


Have your Always Wanted to Know HOW & WHY Crystals work in Healing and Ridding the Mind & Body of Stress & Bringing Abundance and Success into your Life - This is the Workshop for YOU!!!

Only Three Workshops per year so once dates are up - Be Quick n Book!!! I only take 12 Participants - Too Many Miss Out Dont Be One Of Them!!

Venue: Yoga Shed GC  antigravity yoga
4 Brightlands Court Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast Australia (Click here to see the map)
Time: 8.30am to 6pm,
Cost: $300 ( Lunch Morning & Afternoon teas included)
Bring own Water Bottle
  Strictly Maximum of 12 Participants Only

In my 1 Day Crystal Healing Workshop you will learn

  • Have you ever wondered how Crystals & Frequencies can balance the Mind & Body to allow the body to heal itself??
  • The power of the vibrations of each crystal & how it merges with the body 
  • The power of merging with another's Chakra System to intuitively identify an emotional frequency
  • You will learn to open cleanse & balance & energise your own Chakra system (this is a very deep & powerful & necessary process) if not done on a daily basis we will pick up on negativity that surrounds us
  • You will learn to understand & experience the imbalance in the body either from lack of a specific mineral or an emotional imbalance & where to place the crystal on the body to draw the body into balance allowing the healing process to occur

Crystal Healing Workshop - Barbie Cawthan I have been working with the Frequency of Crystals since 1975 and teaching for over 25 years. The power of healing through Crystals & Vibration is profound - Watching the energy escaping through the etheric field like vapours, learning to cleanse and close the etheric hole is an exciting site to see. It takes away the mystery of "Why Am I Tired" - Iam a Reiki & Seichem Master and I suggest if you have learnt also these modalities, use them to heighten your healing when using the Crystals - Stress will eventually manifest into an illness unless we assist the Mind & Body to work with its own energy !!!

In this Workshop You will learn to Rid the Body & Mind of Stress and to use the healing power of Crystals for yourself, your family and friends and your clients. The power of the Mineral & Frequency of Mother Earth in the form of a Crystal will amaze & delight you. I will share my personal healing used for myself and others using the Frequency of Crystals!!!

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The format for the workshop is


Crystal Healing WorkshopYou will experience through many exercises with the Crystals - Vibrational Energy!!! The understanding of the vibration is vital before any crystals are placed on the body. Know the mineral works on the physical body and the vibration/energies on the emotions. The unison of the two with the body and mind is how the healing occurs.

Without Emotional Balance - Blockages occur to all aspects of our life - Health-Wealth-Careers-Relationships-Self Love- Happiness - Crystals when used as a healing tool will balance and re-energise on a Cellular level and assist in removing blockages holding us back - How wonderful it is to give your Mind Body & Spirit permission to Release all that holds you back and allows you to Manifest Abundance in all aspects of your life!!!

You will learn to merge with another's Chakra System, understanding of merging with another in the Healing Process. We will activate this in Group Form and Singularly. You will learn how to activate your individual Chakras to Manifest what you want in all aspects of your life. Our Chakras connect to the Chakra system in the Universe allowing a higher activation of understanding of what our purpose is here on Earth!! Never take lightly the Power we have within our Chakra System!!

I ask for a volunteer and I will do the Crystal Healing as everyone observes the body seeing if energy is escaping etc etc(you may note vapours leaving the body ) indicating a hole in the etheric field (our Energy field)

Information Handouts will be given for you to read over your Lunch Break to help with the understanding of the Crystals and where to place them on the body.

2 Day Crystal Healing Workshop

The Last part of the Workshop - Everyone is working on a person and inturn they will have a person working with the crystals on them. To experience the Energy Shift is something you cant get from Books or You-tube. Watching and Experiencing the different reactions to Frequencies of the crystals is profound - As it is a workshop and learning environment feed-back from each other is encouraged & necessary in the learning process. Working in a safe environment with like-minded people is a very pleasant experience -
When the healing is completed the Energy flow will be tested by working with a pendulum over the body allowing a visual of the strength and flow occuring with each person.

You will then learn to close down your Chakra System before you return to the outside world.

In completing this Workshop, You will leave with the Understanding of the HOW & WHY Crystals work in our everyday and business lives. Knowledge is Powerful But Knowledge with Experience is profound!! Incorporate your knowledge with Yourself, your Family, your Business and your Health Clinic.

All you need to do is - Bring yourself- all is provided - a Healthy Lunch & morning & afternoon teas to replenish your energies (Bring a bottle of water- you will feel the vibrational heat)

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I've done two of Barbie's workshops & thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Came away with more than just knowledge of crystals & healing! Came away feeling like part of a loving, extended family Thank you Barbie for your knowledge, compassion & introducing me to amazing women

Dale Grannell

Crystal connoisseur goddess Barbie Cawthan at her passionate best.
This work shop is so uplifting, calming and inspiring all at once. I couldn't recommend it enough for any body that's interested in that something special or to enhance any self spirituality purposes, crystal clear visions and vibes.
Then don't look no further you have found it.

Natasha Ladini

This workshop is truly wonderful .......i did this workshop last year & found it to be of great help in my life ....using cyrstals in my home & to bring abundant to my business also used them in my garden to help my plants grow
Anything you want to know about crystals Barbie can answer as she has been in the business for 25 year ....this lady is full of life & a great inspiration. ..so if you are thinking of doing this workshop please don't hesitate

Marisa Manning

STRICTLY LIMITED TO 12 Participants - 12 breaks down to 3 - 3 is working with Mind Body & Spirit.

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Call 0416 006 068 OR 


Come to our shop Crystalnpearlco at Carrara Market 12 Ave "Big Shed" opp Artifical Plant Shop each weekend fm 7am to 3pm.


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