The expression of Energy is displayed thru Barbie’s one-off Crystal & Pearl jewellery designs

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Feeling Stressed Can't Focus Something is Holding You Back

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About Barbie Cawthan

Barbie Cawthan

I have been working with the Frequency of Crystals since 1975 and teaching for over 25 years. The power of healing through Crystals & Vibration is profound - Energy escapes through the etheric field like vapours. Learn to cleanse and close the etheric hole. It takes away the mystery of "Why Am I Tired" "Why Can't I Focus" "Why Can't I Manifest Success in my Life - Iam a Reiki & Seichem Master and I utilise these Energies daily.- Stress will eventually manifest into an illness - Money Success wont cut it - We just Die earlier Rich - Live Long Healthy & Prosperous by assisting the Mind & Body to work with its own energy - Learn it - Experience it - Live it - I Do!! 

Meet Barbie


Feeling Stressed Can't Focus Something is Holding You Backs

Crystal Healing Workshop

Come and learn the How & Why Crystal Energy Works!! In this Workshop You will learn to Rid the Body & Mind of Stress and to use the healing power of Crystals for yourself, your family and friends and your clients. The power of the Mineral & Frequency of Mother Earth in the form of a Crystal will amaze & delight you. I will share my personal healing used for myself and others using the Frequency of Crystals!!! They are so much more than just Pretty Crystal/Stones.

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